In today’s world, contribution of media can not be overlooked. Media is the facade of constantly changing society. It mirrors the present, or rather this is how ordinary understanding stands. With investigative journalism, 24/7 news channels, growth of channels, mushrooming local channels and local cable connections the world we saw via media is just not the same.

From current affairs to fashion to home construction to travel to food and fitness, media has begun to pass us the information and reach our home in exciting and startling ways. As India concluded its celebration of more than 60 years of independence, having initiated a process of economic reform in the early part of the decade, the forces of privatization and globalization have unleashed dramatic changes in the country's media. There has been a great influx of national as well as international channels. Career in media has carved for itself a celebrated status. The focus of media is now changing from mere transformation of news to users’ adaptability of news. This conference will discuss the latest happenings in sphere of communication in India and abroad, and researchers will deliberate upon new opportunities in media, creative media, and ethics.

"Media in Moving Age: 24/7” is an ideal platform for academicians as well as policy makers and communicators across the country to share insights into how we can meet the evolving needs of our people and the planet." This conference, with its unique mix of mainstream researchers, journalist, freelancers, and corporate India and abroad will provide resources and solutions for mass communication, media and consumer’s aspirations, digital and global divide. Speakers will share new research and address such issues as how media can be more responsible, how content analysis can be done, how to deal with overflow of information. Attendees will have ample opportunities to connect and learn from one another through solution-based workshops, drill-down discussion groups, insightful case studies and great networking event to meet like minded people.

The two day conference will discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by media in changing times, the phenomenon of breaking news, ethical obligations, and role of advertisements. The conference will highlight latest innovations and research to support the effective promotion and delivery of news, as well as a deluge of film-based entertainment, reality shows, news and current affairs provided by private channels.

In bringing together international and national leaders, researchers, policy makers, activists and alternative media practitioners we will debate the roles and challenges for the future of participatory media. Our theme caters to assemble the preeminent minds on the subject to create an extraordinary time that will impact the delegate community, through showing how to positively affect and implement critical initiatives.