Guidelines for Selected Paper

  • All papers will be evaluated through a double blind review process constituted by drawing experts from Institutions/ Universities/ Organizations of repute in India.

  • Only original, unpublished work is sought. Any proposal submitted to present identical or substantially similar work already published, under review for another conference or publication will not be considered.

  • In the covering letter accompanying the manuscript, the contributors should certify that the manuscript has neither been published anywhere nor is it at present being considered anywhere for publication.

Detailed Guidelines for Submission of paper:

Length & Settings

The full length paper should be in around 3000-5000 words, single space and Times New Roman 12 point type. Margins should be set at 1.5" left and 1.0” top, bottom, and right. Paper size should be set for A4.


In addition to the title heading, no paper should have more than three levels of headings within the body. The title should be printed in upper and lower case letters, 20 point type, and flush to the left margin. Titles that fill more than one line should be single-spaced, and each line is left-justified.

The author(s) and affiliation(s) should be flush-left, single-spaced, and typed beginning on the second line below the title. Use 12 point type. Do not use titles such as "Dr." or "Professor." Additional authors and affiliations should be stacked under the first with no space between. Include only your institution's name and country.

Sub-headings within the body

First level subheading should be left-justified, boldface, in upper and lower case, and printed in 14-point type. Second level subheadings should be left-justified, upper and lower case, in bold italics, and printed in 12-point type. Third level sub-headings, if necessary, are indented, bold italics, upper case on the first word only with no punctuation at the end. The paragraph begins right after the sub-heading.


All papers begin with an Abstract of 500 - 1000 words or less. The Abstract should be single-spaced and italicized. Use 10 point type and bring out the focus of the paper in body of the Abstract. Name of authors, their addresses (Postal & email) and Mobile/Fax numbers should be indicated on the first page of the paper only. Each abstract should have at least 3 key words. Abstract should clearly indicate the contribution made by the paper to the existing body of the knowledge.

 Body & Spacing

The body of the paper should be single-spaced and should immediately follow the Abstract. Use 12-point type for the body of the paper. Indent every paragraph. Double space before first or second level sub-headings (in other words, leave one blank line). Sub-headings that take more than one line should be single-spaced. Provide single space between each listing in the reference section. Do not double space between paragraphs.

Figures and Tables & Page Numbering

Figures and Tables should appear as Appendices and should be numbered consecutively. The figure or table numbers and description should appear left-justified in boldface 10-point type at the top. Illustrations, symbols, or parts of a figure should be produced graphically. Print all page numbers

Citing References

Citations in the text should list the author's last name, comma, and publication date, all enclosed by parentheses, i.e., (Jain S, & Soni S.). If the author's name is used in the sentence, there is no need to repeat the name in the citation; just use the year of publication in parentheses. Note that an ampersand (&) is used with multiple authors only when they appear in parentheses.

The references section, including all citations used must be included in the paper. The word "References" should appear as a first-level heading. Entries must appear in alphabetical order, with an indent of 0.25". If several works are cited for any given author, write the name of the author each time the name appears. Do not use a dash or line. The format to be used for books is shown at the end of these instructions.


All communication will be directed towards the first author of the paper. Any conference related queries can be mailed to conference email